1938 Dodge Hot Rod

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1938 Dodge Hot Rod, 350/350, Green Paint with nice Patina, CD Player with stereo, Doors shut tight, Good Glass, Original Dash, Headers, Aluminum Wheels, Fuel Cell, This car is reliable and runs very well, this is one Fast Hot Rod...


Eliminator V2 1.8

Category: Other

2001 Mazda Miata Eliminator

The '90-'05 Mazda Miata is the most raced car in history with a 15+ year development cycle for competition use. Following the "Less is More" concept, a Miata based Eliminator project results in the following:

-nearly 1,000 lbs strategically removed from the original unibody

-remaining chasis pan is seam welded

-Beautiful Kirk Racing purpose built custom roll cage

-fully SCCA/NASA legal saftey config.

-110-140hp depending on donor

-turbo option for 250+hp

GM LSX Driveline Option

-Five or Six speed manual transmission

-1650 lbs depending on donor and config.

-225/45/15 Competition wheel/tire packages and upgraged brakes

-stunning acceleration from small displacement engines

-over 1.5G cornering capability

-bulletproof reliability

The Eliminator provides supercar performance at a Miata price! Inspired by cars like the Lotus Super 7 and the Ariel Atom, the Eliminator combines performance, reliability, affordability and originality into an exhilarating experience that is almost more motorcycle than car...


You will be amazed at the performace of the stock 1.6-1.8...Call for a viewing...

Turn Key starting at $16,500 or Call to customize your colors and engine options. All Cars have a clean title. 


SCCA & NASA Legal Cage
Race car cage designer with 25+ years experience
All of the specs below vary a bit depending on the model year of the donor, wheel/tire offset, and coilover kit
Extremely Rigid
Stock Miata Tub = Stock Chassis Geometery = Low Center of Gravity
Compact with very little overhang front & rear = Better Mass Centralization
1650 lbs
44" Tall
72" Wide
Less than 10' Long
Rollcage attachments on the sills = Greater Interior Width and Wider Seat Options
Everything everyone loves about Miatas minus the weight and complexity:
-Low Cost and High Performance
-Low Consumable Cost (Less Weight = Less Tire & Brake Wear)
-Less Weight = Better straight line performance
-HUGE Performance Aftermarket

All of the standard Miata upgrades also fit Eliminators
-Suspension Packages
-Brake Packages
-Wheel and Tire Packages
-Turbo Systems
-Supercharger Systems
-GM LSx / T56 / IRS 8.8 or CTSV
Fully Optioned, Turn Key, Complete Cars (Pictured) are available through Steel City Classics in Birmingham, AL.
Email [email protected] for pricing or call 205-492-0870

1965 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

Category: Auto

1965 Chevy C10 Pickup, Red/Black, 350 with a stroker kit, Great Paint, Nice 20in Wheels, side Exhaust, Tach, Sounds like a Nascar! Truck has nice interior and lighting, a CD Player and Overdrive so it Cruises nice on the Interstate!! Wood Bed that could be refinished...Not a Show Truck but a very nice driver...These are getting hard to find with no rust!! Very Fun and Fast Truck!!



1940 Ford Coupe Special Deluxe

Category: Auto

1940 Ford Coupe, Gorgeous Built 53 Flathead, Detailed Motor, Dual Edelbrock Carbs, 3 spd. with Columbia Overdrive!! Lowered, Special Deluxe Option and trim, Original 60's Creager Mags, Beautiful Interior with Monte Carlo Seats with stock Jumpseats, Amazing Paint and Body, Original and Untouched Body Fenders with documentation! Very Rare car with tons of History. This car actually runs like a smooth sewing machine...A Blast back to the Moonshine Days!


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